Saturday, May 03, 2008

Jimmy Who?

When I read a few weeks back that Jimmy Carter was going to the Middle East and would be having a sit down with the exiled leader of Hamas while he was in Syria I immediately decided to write a piece about all his failed attempts to bring peace to the various countries he’d been officially launched into by then President Clinton but my wife had other ideas about the use of my time so the piece kept getting delayed.

Soon it got to the point that Jimmy was actually having his meeting and making his announcements about success and yet my wife was unrelenting in her demand that I set up the lawn furniture and help with the removal of all the drywall in the cottage basement, she just didn’t seem to grasp the importance of putting pen to paper and exposing ex President Carter for the naïve fool that I believed him to be. I tried to explain to her that during his Presidency he was foolish enough to believe the Iranians time and time again when the promised to release the diplomats and their families being held in Tehran. He was foolish enough to believe that he had somehow convinced Egypt to accept Israel’s right to exist ignoring the very reason Egypt choose to make peace (they’d been pounded twice in less than a decade by the Israeli Defense Forces) and even managed to convince the Nobel committee that he deserved the peace prize for this miracle.

No my wife was having none of my arguments about his presidency so I moved on to his big move in Haiti when he was sent my then President Clinton to convince the government of the day who’d come to power in a coup to stand down so the US didn’t have to invade. He proclaimed peace and accepted everything that he heard from strongman Raoul Cedras and from Aristide who resumed the presidency. Like always the peace was short lived and the country soon returned to the anarchy it’s know for 2 decades but Carter had moved on by then. I mentioned his big move in North Korea where he negotiated on behalf of the Clinton administration and was hailed a hero for bringing us an agreement that would ensure the North Koreans didn’t develop nuclear weapons and we all know how that turned out when they announced a decade later that they’d been developing them all along. I mentioned his visit to Darfur when he declared that the US administration was wrong in depicting Darfur as a genocide. I mentioned his recent book and his anti Israel slant on the Palestinian peace process and how meeting with Khaled Meshaal of Hamas was so wrong headed but instead I was sent to the basement with my hammer to work and so the meeting took place and Jimmy proclaimed peace could be had and that Hamas was willing to final recognize Israel’s right to exist in exchange for a few compromises on their part, nothing big of course just allow Jerusalem to become the capitol of the Palestinian state, return to the recognized borders prior to the 1967 war which meant giving back the strategic Golan Heights to Syria and immediately recognizing Hamas’s right to govern. Once again I pleaded with my wife for some time off my hard labor sentence for good behavior so I could write a nice piece on Jimmy’s efforts but she was unrelenting so I had to keep hauling drywall to the dump and pulling out the 2 million nails that had held the old stuff in place while the Jimmy Carter show rolled on.

The very next day I was able to get up early and sneak downstairs to watch some uninterrupted news and saw that the Hamas spokesman had immediately denounced Jimmy Carters statement and said that although the ex President was right about what Israel must give up to achieve peace, Hamas did not agree to recognize Israel’s right to exist and it would never agree to this demand. At this point I began to laugh out loud, thus waking my wife up which allowed me to thank her for not letting me write my piece earlier pronouncing to the world what a horrific event it would be if an ex US president met with the exiled leader of a terrorist organization and actually achieved the peace deal that so many administrations had tried and failed to achieve. The peanut man did what he does best and that is to hear what he wants to hear and ignore the reality of the situation on the ground.

Former President Jimmy Carter held a private meeting with Khaled Meshaal the exiled leader of Hamas, the second worst terrorist organization on the planet who have vowed and continue to vow to wipe Israel from the map and he failed not only to understand their demands but to achieve anything other than to further taint his reputation and legacy. Even Bill Clinton has managed to stay out of the dangerous arena of world politics and not embarrass the current President I’m sure more out of respect for the office than for President George W. Bush.

This I hope will be the last effort of former President Carter to do anything other than the good work of Habitat for Humanity, a worthy cause for which he should be thanked for on a daily basis. Never again should he attempt to solve the world’s problems by meeting with terrorists…perhaps this should be a warning to Barrack Obama about this foolish idea of talking to these lunatics. Never again should we care what former President Carter is up to or waste anymore tax payer dollars on a secret service detail to protect a man in the Middle East who’s working against our nation’s interests.

Finally I’d like to thank my wife for saving me from making foolish pronouncements about the importance of such a meeting since when all was said and done it was ignored by the world and did nothing to move the process along. Thanks for the memories Jimmy now go back to the hammer where you belong and I’ll do the same thanks to my unrelenting wife.


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