Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stand By PA the Blitz is coming

Stand by PA here comes the Hilly-Billy show (if the Bill muzzle stays in place much longer I’m going to have to find a new handle for this gong show). In the coming weeks before the April 22 primary Pennsylvania is about to experience something it hasn’t seen in over two decades a primary vote that means something.

OK first I must say I was WRONG with my predictions and it bloody well serves me right too. I should have put more thought into where Hill-Billy was going negative, in Texas even the democrats like a good dust up and some decent mudslinging so Hill-Billy’s negative attacks pulled it out for her but I’m guessing we haven’t seen anything yet. Like a shark smelling blood in the water Hill-Billy is now charging hard and ready for the kill, never mind that the delegate count hasn’t moved an inch, nor has the popular vote with Obama still leading in both categories, so why does she feel that she can still win?

Well PA you’re about to find out as you are now ground zero for the biggest Blitz since Poland in 39. TV ads, door to door knocking, rallies galore, fliers in your mailbox, dozens of automated phone calls with messages of hope and hate equaling filing your voicemail.

I have no idea how Wyoming is leaning as I can’t find a single poll on the state but I’m pretty sure it’s going Hill-Billy’s way, well as sure as I am that Mississippi is going Obama’s way and that means two more states down and no change.

With 611 electoral votes still up for grab, we’re in for a tie so that takes me to the part of my last post where I was right. Hill-Billy in her speech mentioned her wins in both Florida and Michigan…hum what wins…only in Hill-Billy land you say. No both Hill and Bill will be working over Howard Dean and his elk daily between now and the convention to ensure the fine delegates of Michigan and Florida are counted and seated regardless of any previously agreed upon rules, while simultaneously working the super delegates over like Ali on Frazier, in non-stop blurry flurries.

Once again I can only say that I’m sure republicans love this more than anything else, a vicious and ongoing primary season fight, a 50/50 split in the party, and potentially a divisive convention where the people’s choice is ignored. If John McCain was 25 years younger I’m sure he’d be doing cart wheels but I guess he’ll have to be satisfied with doing wheelies on his scooter.


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