Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Eagle is dead, long live the Ostrich

Yesterday Fox and CNN news dedicated several hours of live coverage to the hearing into the allegation that Roger Clemons was injected with performance enhancing drugs by his trainer. It was great drama for all to watch as these serious members of the esteemed house panel grilled Clemons about his butt (the injection site) and grilled his trainer about exactly when Roger appeared or didn’t appear at house party to determine who the liar was. I couldn’t help but watch although I was a bit upset that they didn’t at least break away once or twice to cover the arrival of the commissionaire of the NFL who was ordered to report to Senator Specter to explain why the NFL had destroyed the tapes that showed the Patriots spying on the Jets after the investigation had been completed and the fines and penalties paid.
While all this was going on, TMZ was covering another Britney moment and I was discovering that several US daily newspapers were laying off employees due to declining readership while the two most popular and growing magazines in the country were celebrity gossip weeklies. I was also relieved to find out the economy isn’t really suffering since we were able to spend 2 billion dollars last year on cool ring tones for our phones while allowing the bank to foreclose on our houses because we weren’t bright enough to read the fine print that said the great rate we were getting on our 4000 sq foot home would only last for two years.
While the world was glued to the important hearings being covered live, one of the worst terrorists to have ever lived was reportedly killed in Syria but who knew? When did we forget that real news needs to be covered by real news organizations? I’m sure the hearing could have been covered by ESPN to ensure those baseball enthusiasts got their interests satisfied or for those without extra cable channels they could have turned to the mandated free channel dedicated to covering the house, you know C-SPAN whose mandate is to provide all American’s information about their government. I’m now hoping C-SPAN will pick up some extra Blue Jay’s games this year in return.
Why am I so bothered by this…well let’s see, Hugo Chavez is again threatening to cut off exports of oil to the US if he loses his latest court battle with Exxon Mobile over withholding taxes, Chad, another oil producing nation was overrun by rebels forcing the shutdown of the oil fields and the evacuation of vast majority of expatriates for over a week , in Algeria there was another round of bombings and arrests, in Nigeria the insurance world decided the oil rich Delta region is now a war zone and all premiums will reflect that. Really need I go on? Should we talk about Iraq where the parliament yesterday passed the remaining laws that were required of them to achieve all the political benchmarks…or haven’t you heard?
Before you blame the MSM you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who’s buying the gossip rags, watching TMZ or allowing Fox and CNN to cover a ridiculous hearing about whether or not a baseball pitcher took drugs, not to mention allowing our tax dollars to be wasted by an almost useless congress?
It’s time we all took a deep breath and demanded more of ourselves and the MSM that cover the issues. If we continue to buy the celebrity magazines at the check-out counter, continue to stay quiet and not send an email complaint to the MSM asking them to fulfill their mandates to provide accurate timely news that really has an effect on America then we have nobody to blame for our shock and ignorance when the price of oil spikes seemingly without warning and the price we pay at the pump jumps overnight or perhaps we’ll be able to demand that the leading Democratic contenders for the Presidential nomination stop saying we’re failing in Iraq when in fact the military successes of the fall are now translating into political success, something they claimed would never happen, if only we didn’t have dig through all the stories about the brother of Paris Hilton being arrested for DUI or the sister of Britney being pregant.
Wake up America and demand to be informed or replace the Eagle as the countries symbol with an ostrich.


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