Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why women will never rule the planet

At 52% of the population you’d think that women would be better positioned to run the planet but the last two weeks has made it completely clear why I was mistaken and have come to the conclusion that women will never run the planet.

I suppose I should backtrack and give you some history to explain why I was so confused on the issue you. I was raised by a single Mom and an Aunt. My Mom had me at 20 yrs old. Shortly afterwards my father was missing in action so we began an interesting journey that saw my Mom go back to high school while my Grandmother looked after me, then she got a job as a front desk receptionist with the Canadian Federal governments unemployment insurance commission , over the next 30 odd years she would rise through the ranks to become a regional manager responsible for several offices and hundreds of staff during which she taught me many things about setting goals and doing what is necessary to achieve them. My Mom was also obese due to a thyroid condition which was another challenge but she continually used her brains to overcome people’s perceptions.

Again I learned some valuable lessons about the reality of equal rights, for you see she believed in choice, but not specifically what that word has come to mean today. She believed that women must be allowed to choose to stay at home, work, or do a little of both without barriers or feeling guilty. I agree, women should be free without question or guilt to do anything they want and balance it in the way that they believe best suites them and their families. Now my Mom was a unabashed liberal so I wonder what she would have thought about the attacks on Governor Sarah Palin? I know she wouldn’t agree with her policies but I have a feeling that she’d be pretty angry with those who want to question her right to run or her ability to look after her children and run.

I also think she’d be appalled at the fact that women are leading the charge when it comes to frivolous attacks on her wardrobe, her hairstyle, her lifestyle and her children while men seem to be sticking with issue based attacks. Now, I think all this nonsense proves my point, women will never run the planet because they love to destroy each other at every opportunity.

The hypocrisy is amazing as female columnists, pundits and politicians all talk about how with 5 children including a special needs baby she won’t be able to devote sufficient time to the VP job and if she does then her family will be left behind, some seem to believe that she’s already spent too much time as a politician since her oldest daughter got pregnant at age 17, yet these same women are for the most part successful career women with children…why is it ok for them to juggle their families the way they want but not ok for Governor Pallin? Perhaps it’s because these women are losing their collective minds because the first VP will not be a left wing feminist but a conservative feminist.

Governor Pallin is shaking things up and the polls have swung wildly toward the McCain ticket so you can expect a huge increase in the loony attacks from the left wing, with complete support of the liberal MSM. Sadly I believe women will continue to lead these attacks and set back both their cause and the true meaning of choice that my Mother taught me.


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