Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Global warring vs. Global warming?

Who would have ever thought these two things would be linked into a political response. I’m sure it was inevitable and I was just being naïve to think the lunatic left wouldn’t attempt to put these two issues together but sure enough during the recent so called You Tube debate hosted by CNN democratic hopefully Rep. Dennis Kuninich when answering a question on Global warming by a very sad looking snowman decided to answer by saying in part “We have to understand the connection between global warring and global warming. Because when we start talking about wars for oil, we’re essentially keeping the same approach to energy,” Now maybe it was a slip of the tongue to say “wars” as in more than one because that would imply the two current wars being fought on a large scale which is Operation Iraqi Freedom, the war in Iraq and Operation Enduring Freedom, the war in Afghanistan.
Although I disagree with the argument that the war in Iraq was launched and is being fought today to allow US oil interests to secure Iraq oil fields and the profit that will someday go with them at least it’s a possibility and can reasonably be debated. There is indeed known and functioning oil fields in Iraq and at one time Iraq was considered to have the second largest known reserves in the world…but to imply that Afghanistan was any way tied to oil interests seems a pretty tough stretch…unless Mr. Kuninich also believes that the Bush Administration allowed the attacks of 9/11 to occur so they had a pretext for going to war in Iraq (using Afghanistan to test out some military equipment and tactics). Or perhaps he believes that the Bush administration has some secret documents left over from the Soviet days that show huge undisclosed oil fields the likes of which the world has never know so he devised the plan to have 19 terrorists get tricked into believing they were working for Osama Bin Laden while they were actually working for the CIA, have them hijack some planes fly them into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and maybe the White House or the Capitol building while conveniently being away from town promoting your signature domestic bill so you could then attack Afghanistan and therefore take over these secret oil fields while prepping your military machine for the ultimate prize which was revenging his Dad’s mistake of letting Saddam slip away.
Funny how the same people that love the great conspiracy theories also love to remind you that Bush is a simpleton. The least articulate President in modern history, embarrassingly dumb on the worlds stage. Although the majority of those criticizing him never went to Yale and love to ignore the fact that he got better marks than his nemesis and former Yale graduate Sen. John Kerry but then again they have an answer for that one to…it’s really Dick Cheney running the country…man they really have all the answers…well except one…what happened to the predictions of a Global cooling trend and the catastrophe that was going to cause as it was covered in the 24 June 1975 cover story in Time Magazine. When someone answers that question then maybe I’ll start to believe in the Global Warming trend and all the doomsday predictions now being covered in Time Magazine and once I’m convinced that the scientists are right now I’ll probably quickly jump on the bandwagon linking the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to Global warming…I’ll also then vote Dennis for President since he was so enlightened and ahead of his time. Maybe big Al will make a come back and agree to be his VP.


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